Bringing together commodity sourcing and forest protection

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The Commodities & Jurisdictions Approach (CJA) links companies committed to reducing deforestation in their supply chains with government-led programs to reduce deforestation and emissions across entire jurisdictions.


CJA seeks to leverage corporate commodity sourcing and investments as a market “reward” for diverse stakeholders in jurisdictions that are successfully implementing scaled efforts to reduce deforestation and associated GHG emissions, while also providing businesses with a pathway to address deforestation-associated risks in meaningful, scalable ways. 

If influential companies that produce, trade, purchase, and finance agricultural commodities commit to investing in CJA-eligible jurisdictions, their combined market power will serve as a powerful incentive to jurisdictional leaders to significantly reduce deforestation.

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How the CJA works

For companies, the CJA:

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#01 - Identifies

CJA identifies jurisdictions and commodities that can help companies meet their sustainability commitments and address deforestation-related risks, through standardized assessments.

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#02 - Links

CJA links companies with commodity-producing jurisdictions that meet rigorous sustainability criteria and align with the companies' sustainability commitments.

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#03 - Boosts

CJA boosts business in lower-risk jurisdictions, reducing companies' deforestation risks and costs and promoting long-term prices and market access for specific commodities.

For jurisdictions, the CJA:

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#01 - Assesses

CJA assesses jurisdictional programs that are successfully reducing deforestation and associated carbon emissions at scale against a set of criteria in line with REDD+ provisions.

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#02 - Showcases

CJA showcases participating jurisdictions to companies seeking to reduce deforestation and related risks in their commodity supply chain.

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#03 - Catalyzes

CJA is a catalyst for investments and increased commodity sourcing that provides additional incentives to achieve the success of jurisdictional programs.


Search commodities produced in jurisdictions participating in the CJA and meet other eligible jurisdictions. 
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Jurisdiction has been approved and opted-in into the CJA 


Jurisdiction has been approved by a pre-qualified standard (FCPF-Carbon Fund, ART-TREES) 

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Why CJA?

Deforestation is one of the greatest challenges we face today

The world currently loses approximately 35 soccer fields worth of forests every minute. The leading driver of this loss? Expansion of agricultural commodity production to meet the growing needs of a global population. 

In response, many companies have committed to reduce or eliminate deforestation from their supply chains. But they can’t tackle the problem alone. Addressing deforestation effectively and for the long term requires a collaborative effort among businesses, governments, and local actors. 

The Commodities & Jurisdictions Approach (CJA) helps companies connect with ambitious national or subnational-scale initiatives that are led by governments to reduce deforestation and degradation at scale while also maintaining important social and environmental safeguards. 

The idea of the CJA was born in 2015, inspired by a commitment by two leading consumer goods companies and is led by a multi-stakeholder consortium. 

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Updates on the CJA

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CJA Featured at Tropical Forest Alliance’s Jurisdictional Exchange Network

The Commodities/Jurisdictions Approach (CJA) was featured as one of three select jurisdictional initiatives that support responsible sourcing of forest-related commodities, during a webinar of the Tropical Forest Alliance’s Jurisdictional Exchange Network. Moderated…

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World Bank’s Carbon Fund Explores Collaboration with the CJA to Boost Private Sector Engagement in the Fund

Note: The Carbon Fund of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility of the World Bank is one of the two selected standards under the Commodities/Jurisdictions Approach. In an evaluation of opportunities to increase…

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Side Event During Climate Negotiations in Marrakech Brings Key Stakeholders Together to Examine CJA

“Bringing Together Commodity Sourcing and Forest Protection” was the title of the side event hosted by the US Center at COP22 to provide an overview of the Commodities/Jurisdictions Approach (CJA) launched during…

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