Sugarcane is a global commodity produced throughout the tropics and used for sweeteners, biofuels, and a growing range of bioproducts (including bioplastics). Sugar is a globally traded commodity with a fragmented production base consisting of over 100 countries. A dozen countries around the world devote 25 percent or more of all their agricultural land to the production of sugarcane.

Historically, sugar has had as great an impact on the environment as any other agricultural commodity. Some of the most biodiverse and environmentally sensitive regions on the planet have been cleared for sugarcane production, like the Mekong Delta and the Atlantic Forest.

Below are the Jurisdictions that produce sugarcane in line with the Commodities/Jurisdictions Approach


Production (tons)


in 2017

Average yearly production (tons)


from 2015-2017

Average planted area (ha)


from 2015-2017