The Commodities & Jurisdictions Approach (CJA) was inspired by a commitment by two leading consumer goods companies and then operationalized by a multi-stakeholder consortium.

CJA originated in 2015 when Unilever and Marks and Spencer (Co-Chairs at that time of the Consumer Goods Forum's Sustainability Working Group) announced their intent to prioritize commodity sourcing from areas that are implementing effective initiatives to reduce deforestation at scale.

A consortium of global experts (aka the “CJA Brain Trust”) then came together to further elaborate the eligibility criteria that would qualify jurisdictions (country, state, region, province, etc.) for preferential sourcing and an accompanying assessment methodology so that more companies could participate. Since this time, the CJA Brain Trust has guided the operationalization of the CJA.

CJA Brain Trust

The following companies, organizations, and institutions have participated in the development of the Commodities & Jurisdictions Approach and express support for this pilot initiative.

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CJA is a collaborative initiative being coordinated by WWF, Climate Focus, and Meridian Institute with support from the US Department of State.

WWF is one of the world’s leading conservation organizations, and our mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. With presence in more than 100 countries, WWF partners with governments, businesses, foundations, and communities to conserve the world’s most ecologically important regions. For decades, WWF has been a leader in promoting responsible commodity production, building strategic relationships with 100+ global companies to achieve sustainable supply chains, building partnerships with national and local governments on sustainable development planning, and shaping global dialogues and policy frameworks to safeguard forests against a changing climate. WWF’s role is to lead the overall implementation of CJA with a focus on attracting company partnerships.

Climate Focus is an advisory company specializing in climate and land use policy and finance with experience developing and applying criteria to assess initiatives aimed at delivering positive environmental and social change, including but not limited to jurisdictional REDD+ programs. Climate Focus’ role in CJA is to lead the development of the assessment protocol, facilitate jurisdictional assessments, and gather data on commodities.

Meridian has extensive experience in facilitating multi-stakeholder processes that yield results. Through their work, Meridian has established relationships with numerous companies that produce and source deforestation-related commodities across the world. For CJA, Meridian focuses on establishing strategic linkages with relevant platforms and facilitating consultations with Brain Trust members and private sector actors.